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Merchants Rely on The Money From USBC For:

Lending Small Businesses Money to Grow for 15 Years

 Quick and Easy Application

U.S. Bankcard Center makes it easy for merchants to apply for the cash advance they need. When you need your money, USBC is here to make it quick and easy to apply!

 No Fixed Payments

Paying your loan back is easy with USBC! There’s no fixed payment, and you only make a payment when you make sales.

 No Effect on Personal Credit

We don’t report to credit bureaus. Your credit score doesn’t matter and there is no hassle to qualify.

 $5,000 to $150,000 Per Location

USBC has different cash advance amounts for every type of business, whether you own one small store, or several.

 Fast Funding

Once you get approved for your cash advance, you will have the money in your bank account between 3-5 days!

 No Set Time Frame to Pay Back

As long as you continue to make sales, you’ll never have to deal with the strain of paying your loan by a specific date.